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Your Life With A Fireplace

Ahhh, winter. That warm December means plenty of lake effect snow dumping all over us. You’re inside, watching the snow fall. The kids are home, because school’s been closed. You’ve got hot soup, hot chocolate, and hot toddies. You all gather in the living room for a family board game night. You’re feeling a little cold, so you get up and turn up the heat. You know you’ll pay for it later – at the end of the month when your heating bill comes. The kids are still a little chilly, so you tell them to put on a sweater. But they don’t want to put on another layer. It’s not enough. They want to curl up under a blanket, but then their hands aren’t free for board-gaming. Soon they’re frustrated and they’ve crossed the line into whining. What once looked like a cozy family evening together has turned into the kids watching TV by themselves while you wash soup dishes.

If only you had a fireplace. Instead of turning up the heat, you’d start a cozy fire. The crackling warmth would relax the whole family. When the kids say they’re cold, you’d throw another log on the fire, watching the flames grow a little bigger as you peacefully enjoy your game of Monopoly. When the game ends, you’d put happy kids to bed, knowing that this quality family time reaps long-term benefits. You curl up in front of the fire with a book and a warm drink, and smile to yourself when you think of the joy this fireplace brings on cold nights. “I should invite my friends over for an evening to enjoy the fireplace,” you think. 03D80252

Everyone loves a fireplace. Real estate agents know this, as functional fireplaces always make the listing description. Fireplaces are not only cozy and wonderful, they add value to your life – value to your home, and value to the quality time you spend in front of it.

Capital Heat is now proud to offer a full line of Napoleon Fireplaces, with the right product for every home. To complement our fireplace products, we also offer fireplace installation and a range of fireplace services to ensure your fireplace is clean, safe and operating exactly the way it should. Capital Heat is proud to serve Buffalo and Western New York with fireplaces in addition to our long-standing expert heating, cooling and ventilation services.

Imagine your winter with a fireplace. Then contact Capital Heat.

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