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What Customer Service Means To Us

We do HVAC. Heating. Ventilation. Air conditioning. But for us, it’s not just about keeping your furnace well-maintained. It’s about why that matters. A comfortable home is important. Clean air, without allergens, mold or dust running through your vents. A warm haven when the winter air outside drops into single digit temperatures. A cool oasis when the summer air hits an uncomfortably humid temperature. We want our own homes to be as comfortable as possible for our families. And we know that you do too.

That’s why at Capital Heat, you get more than great products from us. You get fast service. Friendly technicians. No overtime fees. Truly expert advice and recommendations. Because we understand that sometimes, a malfunctioning furnace can’t wait until morning. That you have no control over what day of the week your hot water tank cracks. That your toddler doesn’t think a high heating bill is a good enough reason to keep the heat turned down.

We’re confident that our product lines are top of the line. Lennox furnaces and air conditioners. Generac generators. Aeroseal duct sealing. These are tried-and-true brands that stand the test of time. But what sets Capital Heat apart is our extraordinary dedication to customer service.

Let’s hear it from our customers!

“Very professional and thorough.  Owner personally evaluated system needs. Technicians friendly and courteous, and made sure area was cleaned up when finished.”

“Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I would recommend Capital Heat to anyone. They do a great job!”

“You came out quickly – determined what was wrong and fixed the problem- absolutely I would recommend your company.”

Those are just a few of the many positive reviews Capital Heat has received from our customers. Because our goal is to leave behind satisfied, comfortable homeowners with confidence that their HVAC systems will run smoothly.

“I purchased an overhead shop heater from Capital in early 2015.  The heater had a couple issues (no fault of Capital) and they came out quickly to resolve the issues and give me guidance.  I’d definitely deal with them again.”

Our maintenance plans don’t just offer scheduled service on some of your home’s most important but unpredictable appliances, they offer peace of mind that a preventable issue won’t become a major malfunction. That’s Murphy’s Law, by the way, and unlike the laws about jaywalking and littering, Murphy’s Law is brutally, harshly enforced by the universe.

“Experience has been all aces. Yearly maintenance agreement is brilliant – I don’t worry about a thing.”

At Capital Heat, we offer 24/7 emergency service at no additional overtime charge to our customers. We make sure all our technicians are well-trained and knowledgeable. That they can answer your questions not just about the job at hand, but about any other HVAC-related concerns you might have. And since having any stranger in your home is always a bit of an inconvenience, we make sure our techs are polite and that they clean up after themselves.

“I have been a property owner in an established family business for over 50 years. In all those years, I have struggled with finding both reliable, knowledgeable and dependable people in this business. Capital Heat surpasses all of the above. My business depends on the commitment and serving of others as does Capital Heat.” – Beechwood Manor Apartments

As a family-owned business, Capital Heat knows that each and every decision you make about your home is made with your family in mind. So each and every decision we make is made with your family in mind, too.

We’ve had a few unhappy customers in our 59 years of business, sure. But in an industry where word-of-mouth is our most valuable business development tool, we’ve worked hard to make sure that whenever possible, our customers feel taken care of by our service technicians and customer service personnel.

“Your tech people are fantastic, friendly, always helpful. I have been with Capital forever and will remain so, forever.”

HVAC companies have a bad reputation for being dishonest, disorganized and unreliable. Here at Capital Heat, we’re trying to change that perception one customer at a time. Contact us today.


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