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Two frustrations don’t make a triumph a.k.a. Home Energy Audits matter

Your house is cold. Obviously. Because the average temperature in Buffalo has completely eliminated your need for an indoor freezer in the last few months. But somewhere deep down you suspect that your house is colder than it needs to be. You set the thermostat to 72, but watching TV without a blanket wrapped around your body is still absolutely not an option. Couple Trying To Keep Warm Under Blanket At Home

Friends offer a lot of helpful suggestions. “Insulate your attic!” “My sister-in-law makes these great draft-stoppers out of old pillowcases and shredded newspaper!” “It’s just an old house, old houses are always drafty.”

But where do you start? Attic insulation ain’t free. Those draft stoppers, while a great way to use stuff that otherwise could be garbage, make opening and closing doors annoying. And the “old houses are drafty” excuse is just plain silly.

Problem: The air and temperature in my house is uncomfortable.

Solution: Home energy audit.

Home energy audits help you figure out exactly how and where heat is escaping from your home. Maybe it is through the attic. Maybe your furnace is just the wrong size for your home (too big or too small – both affect efficiency). Maybe your ducts are leaking, and that warm air is escaping into, er, thin air before it reaches your rooms. A home energy analysis will help pinpoint the cause(s) and offer solutions.

Without a home energy audit, you may shell out for attic insulation thinking the heat is escaping through your attic. Those icicles on the gutters don’t lie, right? But what if the bigger problem is leaky ducts, and your attic insulation is adequate? Or you’ll replace all your windows only to discover that a little caulk around the old ones could have done the trick.

A proper home energy audit is important because the technicians have tools and knowledge that you don’t have. “Fixing” one sole problem can trigger another. And things you think are the problem may not be. A home energy audit will let you know exactly where air is escaping from your home and how to address those issues in the most effective and efficient manner.

Home energy audits are non-invasive. They don’t tear down drywall, poke holes in your walls or leave your home in any more disrepair than it was when the technician arrived. In fact, if you’re like most people, they’ll leave your home cleaner. Because you’ll clean a lot beforehand thinking the HVAC technician will probably judge you for a dusty mantle and smudged windows.

Wasting money on heat that’s escaping your home is frustrating. But wasting even more money fixing the wrong culprits is even more frustrating. Let’s end all this needless frustration and contact Capital Heat for a professional home energy audit. We’re betting the results will surprise you. logo

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