For times when you want to make an investment in your home by upgrading the plumbing systems, we are the team for you!
We can design a plan to fit any budget. Our expert plumbing technicians will ask a few questions to guide us on developing a plan and provide options to make your dream project come true.
We can offer services to upgrade your outdated systems, but also maintain those systems in the future.

General Plumbing

Our team is equipped and trained to handle every plumbing repair in your home! We pride ourselves on being diversified in our skills. Whether it is a leaking hose bib or a main water valve that will not shut off, we are prepared to help!

From top to bottom we can always offer a solution to repair your plumbing. Our trucks are well stocked to provide the quickest service we can!

Home Plumbing Maintenance

Our goal is to provide excellent service when a plumbing issue arises, but our mission is to prevent that issue from happening.

Capital Heat Plumbing division has set up package deals for annual plumbing maintenance services.

Other companies offer nearly free inspections, while we perform maintenance services on your system. Different packages are available, as well as custom maintenance packages.

Drain Cleaning

Have A Clogged Drain? Don’t Wait To Get It Cleared

A clogged drain most often happens at the most inconvenient times. We offer full drain cleaning services for every fixture in your home, interior and exterior.

Whether it be a clogged or slow-flushing toilet, to a complete main line backup, we can handle it.

Our technician will provide an explanation of why the drain clogged and provide options to correct the issue. We also offer maintenance drain cleanings!

Plumbing Inspections

Are you noticing the dripping of a leaky pipe in your home? Even if it doesn’t seem like much yet, the tiniest, most discreet of leaks could easily lead to damage when not properly addressed. 

The extent and type of damage leaky pipes inflict is similar to experiencing a burst pipe, but luckily, Capital Heat experts can easily determine the source of a leak like this without the need to damage your home’s walls and floors. True leaky pipes can sometimes be difficult to properly detect, but if you think you’re experiencing one in your home, look out for these signs:

  • A sudden, noticeable increase in your water bill
  • Your water meter constantly ticks away
  • You notice damp spots in your floor or walls 
  • Certain spots near sinks, tubs, or toilets are wet without proper cause
  • You notice cracks in your foundation. These can be caused by even small plumbing leaks.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the condition of your main line sewer? Let us perform a main line sewer camera inspection.

It’ll be recorded for you and our notes, too. If there is an issue, we can educate you on our options for how to proceed. Do not let the fear of an undiagnosed sewer issue keep you up at night.

Underground Drain Repair

A home’s main sewer is an important part of the home. Our experts can inspect, diagnose and provide repair options for your main sewer.

We can provide a camera inspection to determine the main sewers’ condition. We’ll provide a detailed explanation of the condition and provide options for repair or replacement.

When faced with a plumbing emergency, let us do the worrying for you. With Capital Heat’s emergency plumbing services covering your home, rest assured you’re protected from even the worst plumbing problems. For quick, reliable plumbing services call (716) 683-7336 today.

There’s never a convenient time to have a plumbing emergency, but issues from clogged toilets and backflow problems to burst pipes can happen at a moment’s notice, often requiring immediate attention to resolve.

Trusting Capital Heat with your plumbing needs doesn’t just mean preventing damage to your home, it ensures plumbing problems don’t get in the way of letting you focus on what’s really important in life, even when dangerous plumbing issues can occur at the most obstructive times.

Burst Pipe Prevention

Capital Heat is always a reliable choice for plumbing emergencies, but truly the best way to avoid emergency plumbing issues is to prevent them from happening altogether.

Many plumbing issues are preventable with some foresight, and equipping yourself with the knowledge you need to keep burst pipes or other plumbing issues at bay should be the first priority of any homeowner looking to prevent them.

Dangerous Backflow

Sometimes the flow of water in your plumbing mistakenly goes from one drainage pipe into the other, typically hot water entering the cold water supply-pipe, and what results is one of the most destructive plumbing emergencies a home can have: Backflow.

If not spotted in time, Backflow can actually lead to contaminated water in your home, and the differences between it and normal water is difficult to discern.

Gas Line Repair

Our team can handle any natural gas line issue in your home. Often if there is a leak, the gas company will shut off and lock your gas meter for safety reasons.

We will test the lines and provide you with customized solution to get your gas back on, in a timely manner.

Having a gas leak is and can be a scary event, we will guide you through the process. If there is no issue and want to add some gas fixtures or update your system, we have the solutions!

Flooded Basement

For many homeowners, there are few things worse or more stressful than a flooded basement; any kind of unexpected water in your basement can do damage to the floors and walls of your home, but basement floods can often come with the added detriment of damaging the valuables and possessions many homeowners use their basements to store.

Needless to say, basement flooding is an overwhelming situation, but Capital Heat can help.

Renovating your home is a large investment with a great return, not only financially but enjoyment of your upgrades. A renovation may look good, but leaving the existing plumbing could be a costly mistake. Our team will work with you and your contractor to provide options that will make the project easier and the result stunning. From large to small we can provide options to make your project successful. Some of the renovation plumbing services we offer are:

  • Tub or shower replacement
  • Tub to shower conversions
  • Three handles to single handle tub shower faucet replacement
  • Steam shower generators
  • Vanity replacement
  • Bathroom layout change
  • Freestanding tubs
  • Walk in Handicap tubs
  • Kitchen remodel re-piping
  • First and second floor laundry installations
  • Sewer stack replacement
  • Basement bathroom installation
  • Kitchen Renovation
    If you look at your kitchen and dream of an aesthetic overhaul that would make it the perfect space to spend time with your family, or even to revitalize the look of your home, Capital Heat can make it possible with a comprehensive range of services that can modernize and transform any kitchen. If you’d like to discuss your kitchen remodeling needs, learn more about our remodeling services, or schedule an appointment, call (716) 683-7336 today.
  • Bathroom Renovation
    We often underestimate how much time we spend in the bathroom every day. Aside from just occasional use, it’s largely where we get ready to begin our day, and freshen ourselves up to end it, and because of that it’s important for lots of homeowners that the bathroom looks like an inviting space you don’t mind spending all that time in. If your bathroom is in need of a well-deserved aesthetic upgrade to really enhance the look of your home interior, give Capital Heat a call.
  • Additional Plumbing Renovations
    Renovating your home is a large investment with a great return, not only financially but enjoyment of your upgrades. A renovation may look good, but leaving the existing plumbing could be a costly mistake. Our team will work with you and your contractor to provide options that will make the project easier and the result stunning.
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