• Cleaning of Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Aerators

    A sink aerator is a small, round device that you can screw onto the tip of your faucet to create a more consistent, splash-free stream of water. Aerators mix water and air to make the water stream smoother. Over time these can get clogged with debris or lime scale. We will remove, clean, grease and replace these in the bathroom and kitchen faucets. This will ensure that they are functioning properly and provide the best flow.

  • Kitchen Sink Trap Cleaning

    The tubular drains under the kitchen sink often have small drips or are partially clogged especially with a disposal. We will remove and clean these drains. We will change the gaskets and put the drains back together with a joint sealant product. We will test the kitchen sink for proper drainage and leaks. We will do a flow test to make sure the drain is draining correctly.

  • Lav Sink Pop Up & Trap Cleaning

    The drain stopper apparatus for most bathroom sink drains is a pop-up assembly with a small vertical rod attached to a pivot rod below the sink. This lift rod slides up and down through a small hole in the back of the faucet body. The pivot rod moves a linkage inside the drain tailpiece, lifting or lowering the stopper as needed. After removing and cleaning out the pop up, we will remove and clean the trap assembly under the sink. We will replace the gaskets, then check for proper draining and leaks. We will do a flow test to see if the sink is draining correctly.

  • Toilet Flapper Replacement

    One of the largest causes of high-water bills in a home is a leaking toilet. A toilet flapper is a rubber or sometimes plastic seal that sits on top of the flush valve opening at the bottom of the toilet tank. It opens to allow water to flow from the tank to the bowl during flushing and then closes and seals the flush valve opening to allow the tank to refill. We will remove and replace the flapper with a new chlorine-resistant part. We will adjust the water level to ensure the toilet is performing at its best.

  • Shower Head Cleaning
    Over time the filter screen and flow valve in a shower head can get clogged with debris and limescale. We will remove and clean the shower head. This will ensure that the shower head has optimal performance and flow. We do not use any harsh chemicals that would cause damage to the finish.
  • Sump Pump System Testing
    There are many ways that a sump pump system fails, so we will perform a few tests to check the health of your sump system. We will cycle the pump multiple times to check for proper switch function. Above the pit there is a check valve that stops the water in the discharge pipe from draining back into the pit. We will verify that the check valve is working properly. If there is any debris in the pit we will remove and clean the pit. If there is a water powered backup, we will test the unit for function and performance. We do not test or service battery backups. For homes with a bubbler system, we will perform a dye test to check for underground leaks.
  • Gas Leak Testing

    Many homes in our area can have very small leaks that go unnoticed. We will use a digital gas leak tester to check your gas system for leaks. If a leak is found, we will tag it and provide some options for repair. We can provide more detailed and precise testing if needed.

  • Water Quality Testing

    Many homes have standard municipal water from the town or county, which is checked daily by the EPA and department of health. We can do a quick test to make sure the water is meeting those standards. For homes with a well system, we can send in a water sample for lab testing, to verify the water quality. If your home currently has a water treatment system, we can verify that it is functioning properly.

  • Water Pressure Testing

    Water pressure in a home is extremely important for a plumbing system to function properly. If the pressure is too high it can cause leaks, broken pipes and water hammer. Water hammer is a loud noise and vibration from a faucet or appliance being turned off. This mostly happens with dishwashers and laundry appliances. We will test the pressure to make sure it is in the proper range. (40-60 P.S.I.)

  • Main Line Dye Test

    Older homes have drain lines buried in the floor of the basement. We will put in a small amount of a yellowish green, fluorescent dye, into the drain system. This will show us many important facts about the health of your drains. With this test we can check for leaks, drain performance and flow capacity. For lines buried under the floor, if a leak occurs the dye will show up in the sump pit. For a sewer that is hung on the wall, we will be able to visually test for leaks. This test is easy but often not done or done correctly.

  • Visual Inspection of the Home’s Entire Plumbing System

    Problems with the plumbing system can be easily seen by our service technicians. We will visually inspect the exposed areas of your plumbing system. Often, we can spot signs that an issue may occur in the future. Our technician will report any issues and put together options to monitor or repair these issues.

Base Packages & Additional Pricing
  • Base Package Price: $199
    Introductory Rate of $99 for first time 
  • Additional Bath or Kitchen: $49 each
Common Add-Ons
  • Tankless Maintenance: $159
  • Hot Water Tank Maintenance: $89
  • Camera Inspections
    – Main Sewer Line: $99
    – Bubbler Storm Line: $99
Additional Discounts
  • Capital Heat Members: 20% Off ($110/yr)
  • Senior Discount: 10%
  • Military Discount: 10%
  • Frontline Worker Discount: 10%
  • Friends & Family Discount: 10%

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