As the undisputed leaders in modern home heating, Capital Heat has a number of options to choose from and unparalleled expertise across the board, so you end up with the right system, installed the right way: a true solution, engineered for you.
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Ah, the trusty furnace.
A classic choice.

A gas or propane furnace keeps your home warm by using forced air to distribute the heat it generates through your ductwork and vents. Many forced-air heating systems are energy efficient and designed to be incorporated with central air-conditioning. Capital Heat offers both high efficiency gas and propane furnace solutions along with repair, annual service, and emergency service in Buffalo and Rochester and throughout the Western NY area.

Cold Climate Heat Pump

The main function of a heat pump is to move heat from one area to another.

Using relatively little energy and burning far less fossil fuel than traditional alternatives, heat pumps capture, generate and extract their own heat.

A Cold Climate Heat Pump uses a heat exchanger installed outside your home to take low temperature heat from the outside air, transfer it indoors by way of a compressor, and circulate it through your home. This solution is more energy-efficient than forced air systems using fossil fuels.

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Our Brands include WaterFurnace


Harnessing the heat energy just below our feet.

Whereas cold climate heat pumps pull heat from the air outside, geothermal heating works by harnessing the heat energy just feet below the earth’s surface and converting it into warm air or water through the use of geothermal heat pumps.

Geothermal is by far the most efficient heat pump on the market, providing considerable savings on bills, and works even in extreme low temperatures.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant heating systems supply heat directly to the floor or wall panels of a house. Radiant heat transfer is the effect of delivering heat directly from the hot surface to a person or object via infrared radiation, such as being able to feel a hot stovetop from across the room. Radiant heating in the floor has become a popular method of heating the home because you feel the effects more quickly and more strongly than other classic heating methods.

Radiant heating can also be used in an automatic snow melting system that will dramatically reduce the amount of back-breaking shoveling and clearing WNY citizens are subjected to each (long) winter. By heating from the ground up, snow and ice melt without any extra effort from you and your shovel.

Radiant heating is more efficient because it eliminates heat loss through air ducts. Since it doesn’t utilize forced air, it is often less disruptive for people with allergies. Radiant heating is a hydronic, or liquid-based, system, which means it uses less electricity. Radiant systems can be powered by a variety of energy sources, including standard gas or oil fired boilers, wood fired boilers, solar water heaters, or a combination of these sources.

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If your boiler is over 10 years old or your radiators aren’t heating up the way they used to, it might be time to consider a new boiler.

If you notice your boiler doing unusual things – like producing gurgling or banging noises, springing a leak, or the pilot light going out – call Capital Heat to assess your situation.

Boilers purchased through Capital Heat can be used in radiant heating, space conditioning, snow-melting applications, or with an indirect fired water heater for a nearly endless supply of hot water.

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