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3 Reasons to Replace Oil and Propane with Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Whether you’re purchasing a new home or upgrading the old homestead, you’d be smart to start with your heating and cooling options. For most people, maximum efficiency for minimal costs is the name of the game. At Capital Heat, our cold climate heat pumps will give you both. We’re talking about cleaner energy, lower bills, and happier households.

Want to have it all? Here are three reasons to get a cold climate heat pump from Capital Heat.

1. Heat pumps are better for the environment.

You remember learning about greenhouse gases in grade school, right? Those are the gases that capture and redistribute the sun’s radiant energy across the planet. More greenhouse gases mean higher temps, which means a hotter planet, which means imminent danger for life on Earth.

It’s scary stuff, but what if you could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions? With a cold climate heat pump, you can. Consider this:

Cold climate heat pumps are cleaner systems that give us cleaner air. How do they work? Cold climate heat pumps:

  • Do not burn fuel
  • Run on little electricity
  • Move heat from one space to another
  • Replace cool air with warm air when it’s cold
  • Replace warm air with cool air when it’s hot

When you switch from oil and propane, you’re not just creating a cleaner, safer, and healthier life for you and your family—you’re literally saving the planet.

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2. Heat pumps will save you money.

Spoiler alert: Heat pumps are not cheap. But when it comes to your home’s heating and cooling—you know, living in complete and total comfort all-year long—is “cheap” really what you’re looking for? We didn’t think so.

The good news, though, is that investing in a cold climate heat pump now will absolutely save you money in the long run. It’s generally one of the best investments you can make for your household. Here are a few reasons why a cold climate heat pump will save you money:

  • Eliminate costs of alternative systems
  • Annual savings!
    • Save over $450 annually compared to electric resistance heaters
    • Save over $900 annually compared to oil systems
  • Monthly savings!
    • Save between 30% to 50% on your monthly energy bill
  • Spend less on a simpler installation process (fewer hours and materials needed)
  • Take advantage of New York State’s heat pump incentives
  • Leverage dehumidifying elements that could eliminate other costly upkeep

3. Heat pumps are more convenient and comfortable.

Once your cold air climate heat pump is installed—that’s it, you’re done. No more fuel delivery schedules. No more locked-in energy costs. With low-energy, high-efficient electricity heating and cooling your home, you’re working with a single source that requires minimal upkeep.

Step out of the Stone Age and fall face first into the comfort zone. With zoned temperature control, you can set specific temperatures in different rooms or zones throughout your home. The future is at your fingertips! Use it to your advantage, day after month after year.

Say goodbye to the clinks and clanks of that old furnace or piping running throughout your home. Cold air climate heat pumps run as softly as a cloud, and that means you you’ll have more than just peace of mind—you’ll have peace and quiet. Conventional systems out. Cold air climate heat pumps in. It’s as simple as that!

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