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Unlike other contractors, we don’t work on commission. So while they try to sell you false information with a big price tag and their mind on their bottom line, we’ll arm you with the facts you need to make the informed decision that’s best for you.

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    We’re on a Mission to Debunk Common Myths and Misinformation


    If you’re a homeowner, you might be familiar with this situation. You suspect something might be wrong with your HVAC system, so you call a contractor for an assessment. They tell you you’ve got a big problem on your hands and that it requires a costly fix. You feel like you have no choice, and the next thing you know, you’re stuck with a massive bill for a repair or a replacement.

    Capital Heat wants to change this. We don’t work on commission, so we’ll never sell you false information at your expense. As your HVAC partners, we’re here to show you how to spot a myth and stop it before it wreaks havoc on your wallet.

    Myth #1: Failed Heat Exchanger: How to Spot Scams, Scare Tactics and Upselling from the Other Guys


    After a single assessment, the contractor tells you that the heat exchanger on your furnace has failed. They say it’s an emergency and you must immediately shell out a lot of money to replace it, or go without heat.

    • Because they work on commission, other contractors are more interested in making sales than solving your problem.
    • They might tell you your heat exchanger is in jeopardy and ask you to leave the basement while they perform a test—typically a cursory visual examination that isn’t totally sufficient for diagnosing the problem.
    • When you reconvene, they tell you that your furnace is now condemned and will cost a whopping $8,000 to replace. They insist that if you don’t act now, the price will only go up.
    • They might also use scare tactics that leave you fearful of being left in the cold. They tell you that your failed heat exchanger could cause harm and if it’s not fixed right away, you’ll have to turn your furnace off and go without heat.
    • You enter into full blown panic mode.


    You need a contractor who doesn’t work on commission—one who will perform a thorough check for a failed heat exchanger, gather all information necessary and offer honest solutions.

    • A contractor who performs one test before sending you into a panic and trying to sell you a brand-new system is most likely trying to get your money.
    • Capital Heat substantiates each diagnosis with a three-part test. Instead of sending you away while we conduct them, we’ll walk you through each one and discuss what the numbers mean.
    • If your heat exchanger has failed, there’s no need to panic. Capital Heat always prioritizes your safety when educating you about your options.
    • After a thorough examination, we’ll offer practical solutions for repairing or replacing your furnace if necessary.
    • If you ever find yourself panicking because of the scare tactics used by the other guys, call Capital Heat for a free second opinion and peace of mind.
    Myth #2: All Generators Are Created Equal?: What to Look For When Investing in a Generator


    You’ve been told a generator is just a generator and that they’ll all work the same when powering your home, so you’re sure a portable generator will work in a pinch.

    • Then, a brutal Western New York winter storm blows through and knocks out power in your neighborhood.
    • You run to the nearest home improvement store and join the crowd of people clamoring for a portable generator.
    • You manage to get your hands on one and race home, eager to get the heat on and the fridge running again.
    • Once you get it started, you think everything is fine. You sit back to wait out the post-blizzard damage control. All of a sudden, your furnace stops working. What gives?!


    Do your research before running to the nearest home improvement store for a temporary solution and consider a more permanent option before the next storm hits.

    • The truth is, not all generators are created equal.
    • Portable generators don’t produce clean electric power, causing fluctuations in voltage that prompt newer appliances to automatically shut down (or can cause damage to them), including furnaces. They can end up being a total waste of money because they don’t end up powering the most important parts of your home.
    • Portable generators also have the potential to produce a toxic amount of carbon monoxide, which can pose a risk to you and your family if not set up and used properly.
    • Even if you think you’re covered, you might not be. Imagine if your home has to run on a portable generator while you’re out of town. Fluctuations in power cause your furnace to shut down, resulting in frozen pipes you don’t learn about until you return. So much for peace of mind.
    • Don’t waste your money on a quick-fix solution. Before you get caught in an icy situation, consider preparing ahead of time. Stand-by generators supply more power and turn on automatically when your power is out, so you don’t have to worry about frozen pipes or rotting food in the event of a power outage when you’re out of town.
    • Plus, when the rest of town is elbowing each other out of the way in pursuit of the last portable generator, you’ll be safe, warm and totally at ease.
    Myth #3: A $60 Maintenance Call is Really Only $60


    You realize it’s been a long time since you’ve had your system serviced. You contact a different HVAC company to take advantage of their “$60 maintenance call” and are totally blindsided when you’re handed a bill that’s more than triple that by the technician at the end of their visit.

    • The truth is, the low maintenance call fee doesn’t even cover the expense of sending someone out.
    • Technicians have to sell their customers on unnecessary services or equipment to recoup the cost.
    • You might not have expected the added fees and charges, but your technician had their bottom line in mind the whole time.
    • Technicians who show up at your house planning to upsell you on repairs or fixtures you don’t need before they’ve even seen your equipment aren’t interested in accurately diagnosing the state of your system.
    • As a result, you spend far more than you bargained for on service that may not be accurate or necessary.


    You need HVAC experts who are more interested in ensuring your equipment is running as efficiently as possible than they are in padding their bottom lines.

    • At Capital Heat, we won’t beat around the bush or trick you into spending more than you need to.
    • We do charge for maintenance calls up front, but only because it allows us to deliver the best possible service.
    • We’re not in the business of scamming customers to make sales and recoup lost expenses. Our first and only priority is providing an accurate diagnosis of your system and making recommendations based on your specific needs.
    • Don’t get burned by the myth of the $60 maintenance call. Next time, call Capital Heat instead.

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