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What Are Heat Pumps?

We’re glad you asked. Heat pumps are one of the smartest investments you can make in your home or business and, because they don’t require fossil fuel, they’re an invaluable investment in our planet’s future.

The need for solutions to the climate crisis has never been more pressing. Investing in a heat pump is one thing you can do to cut down on harmful emissions and reverse the environmental damage of our dependency on fossil fuels.

Heat pumps use the heat stored in Earth’s soil or in the air to manage interior temperature year-round. They require less energy and are more cost effective than traditional furnaces or air conditioners. Once a heat pump is installed, you can rely on the same system to heat your home in the winter or cool it off in the summer.

Got it! So how do they work?

There are two types of heat pumps—geothermal and cold climate (also known as air source). Both are excellent, fossil-fuel-free solutions that combat the climate crisis and manage the interior temperature of your space year-round—the main difference is where they draw energy to and from.

Geothermal heat pumps work by harnessing the energy underground:

  • They’re installed below the Earth’s surface, where the soil is always around 50 degrees.
  • Geothermal heat pumps pull from this constant supply of underground heat energy and circulate it through your home or business to keep it warm in the winter.
  • They pull heat out of your space and transfer it back to the ground to keep you cool in the summer.

Cold climate heat pumps provide comfort in all conditions:

  • Unlike geothermal heat pumps, they’re installed above the ground.
  • Cold climate heat pumps pull heat to or from the outside air, using a refrigerant process to heat or cool your home or office.
  • They can capture heat from the coldest Western NY winter days or remove it during the muggy dog days of summer.

Why should I install a heat pump?  

The reasons are simple, and they all come back to the fact that heat pumps are one of the smartest investments you can make in your home and the future of our planet.

  • Combat the climate crisis and end our dependency on fossil fuel—No fossil fuel is burned in the process of heating or cooling your home with a heat pump. The EPA and U.S. Department of Energy have recognized heat pumps’ ability to cut down on harmful greenhouse gases and reverse the environmental degradation caused by our dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Clean energy, clean air—Heat pumps are not only better for our planet’s health, they’re better for our own health as well. They significantly cut down on greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide (which can be deadly if not detected)—emissions that contribute to air quality pollution and are produced by traditional heating and cooling systems.
  • Cost efficiency meets energy efficiency—No fossil fuel burned + the ability to deliver more energy with a small amount of electricity = major savings on your monthly utility bill.
  • Built to last—Heat pumps tend to have longer lifespans than traditional furnaces or air conditioners. Plus, we’ll help you stay on top of maintenance so you can get the most out of your system.

This all sounds good. How about one last closing argument?

We prepared for this. If you’re:

  • Concerned about the amount of fossil fuel you’re burning,
  • Frustrated by the performance of your current air conditioning or furnace system,
  • Stressed about maintenance,
  • Considering renovating your home or undergoing a new construction project,
  • Aware that the lifespan of your current system is coming to an end,

a geothermal or cold climate heat pump is the cost-effective, climate-change-combatting solution you’re looking for.

We’ll be there to guide you through assessment and installation and to keep your system in perfect shape for years to come. Contact us about your clean energy heating and cooling future while incentives last.

Invest in energy efficiency for less: incentives and rebates for installing a heat pump

While the long-term savings you’ll see with a heat pump are just one (very good) reason to install a system of your own, New York state also offers incentives to homeowners and business to ease some of the initial costs.

The best part? You get out of all the paperwork. As a NYSERDA-approved contractor, Capital Heat handles the rebate process and passes the savings directly to you.

For installing a geothermal heat pump:

  • A single-family home can receive up to $15,000
  • A building can receive up to $500,000
  • A multi-building site can receive up to $1 million

For installing a cold climate heat pump:

  • $1,000 per thermal ton when you make a cold climate heat pump your home’s main heating source.
  • There are also smaller rebates available if you chose a cold climate heat pump to supplement your existing central heating system.

Available Financing Options

To help you manage the cost of installing a new geothermal or cold climate heating system, there are special, income-dependent financing options available:

  • If your income level is at or below 120% of the area median income, you can quality for 3.49% financing for On-Bill Recovery (OBR) loans, 3.49% financing on Smart Energy (SEL) loans when you set up autopay, and 3.99% financing on SELs paid by check.
  • If your income level is greater than 120% of the area median income, you can quality for 6.99% financing for On-Bill Recovery (OBR) loans, 6.99% financing on Smart Energy (SEL) loans when you set up autopay, and 7.49% financing on SELs paid by check.

Get more information for your home:

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