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Geothermal: The Sequel

Way back in July, we wrote about why that was the perfect time to look into a geothermal heating and cooling system for your home. Did you listen? If you did, congratulations! You may already be the proud owner of the cleanest, greenest heating and cooling system around. What a great feeling must be welling up in your heart right now. We know our hearts always swell with pride each and every time we install a geothermal system for one of our treasured customers.

“But Capital Heat,” you say. “I was so busy! I haven’t looked into geothermal yet. And now it’s too late!”

“Silly friend,” we say back. “It’s never too late. Now is still a great time to have our skilled team come give you an estimate on a geothermal system!”

OK, so now that we got that awkward conversation out of the way (kudos on your braveness for opening up to us that way), let us remind you of the perks of geothermal systems and why they’re a great choice for both environmentally-friendly households and for anyone looking to save on monthly heating bills.

Geothermal systems use loops installed underground to harness the heat stored daily in the earth (provided by the sun). That heat is transferred to the heat pump (typically installed in your basement, or another out-of-the-way location in your house), which converts it at a 400% efficiency rate. The geothermal system replaces a standard furnace (or other heat source) and then links in with your existing delivery system – forced air, radiators, radiant flooring, whatever you use.

Since it replaces your traditional heat source and uses the free and renewable resource of the sun, the EPA has named geothermal systems the most environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Fossil fuels become a thing of the past (well, technically all fossil fuels are “things of the past,” but you know what we mean) in your household.

You already know why geothermal systems are a great choice. But why a geothermal system from Capital Heat?Capital_heat_group_pic

Capital Heat focuses on custom service in a way that other companies just don’t. When we come for an estimate, we focus on your individual property and needs. We’ll assess the size of your house, typical heating and cooling needs, and the specifics of the property for installation. We offer several options, equipment-wise, because we understand that not every home is the same, and not every family has the same needs. We make sure the system we quote and install is the right fit. Period.

For geothermal systems, Capital Heat offers expertise that is rare for emerging technologies. Systems are designed by certified mechanical engineers with decades of experience in thermodynamics (a.k.a. how heat works).

By the way, Capital Heat has some big news coming up about our well-drilling. It’s really big. What’s that? You didn’t know that anything involving well-drilling would ever constitute “big news?” Well, that one’s on you, pal. Because this is going to be big.

Geothermal systems are the future of heating and cooling, and there is no time like the present to kiss the past goodbye (see what we did there?). With the tax credits being offered and the elimination of gas bills (oh, did we forget to mention that again?), a geothermal system might be more affordable than you think.

Call Capital Heat or visit the geothermal page of our website to learn more and request your geothermal estimate.

Because it’s never too late. At least for geothermal. It might be too late to see The Beatles live or to stock up on Flutie Flakes, but life is tough that way. Flutie Flakes Doug Red Box Cereal

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