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Generating General Generac Generator Excitement

Alright friends, let’s talk generators.

This weather is crazy. OK, we know we just said we’re friends and then started with the most cliché small-talk subject ever, but seriously. Apparently another polar vortex is hitting tonight. That’s right – Polar Vortex. That wild weather pattern that caused Buffalo (and much of the rest of the country) to be in single-digit temperatures for a lot of the winter, combined with a hearty dose of wind and the ever-present lake-effect snow. It’s baaaaaaack!

Luckily in the summer, Polar Vortex means temps might plummet into the 50s at night. And since we’re all hardened Buffalonians, it just means we throw a couple extra blankets on the bed and leave the AC off for a few nights. And maybe enjoy the break in humidity.

But the fact is, weather seems to be getting crazier and more unpredictable lately. Just last week we had a tornado warning. And with unpredictable weather comes a slew of frustrating, potentially dangerous home and building situations that make us all slap our foreheads and say… “Why didn’t I ever get to purchasing that generator last year?” portrait of young businessman having remorse

Power outages are the pits. In the digital world we live in and can’t escape, power is everything. Electric stoves. Microwaves. TVs. Phone chargers, tablet chargers, computer access. Not to mention that pesky fact that without power, your refrigerator, and all the food inside it, slowly starts to warm up…. Let’s not even talk about what happens if you have a sump pump that loses power during a rainstorm.

So what kind of generator should you get? There are a few different options. At Capital Heat, we offer Generac Automatic Standby Generators. Here’s why: Generac_Dealer_logo-300x150

  • A portable generator might seem like a good idea since typically, the power is on. However portable generators run on gasoline, which adds another thing to your list of things you have to remember to be prepared for. Automatic generators hook directly into your existing natural gas or fuel supply line.
  • The American Red Cross recommends permanent backup generators over portable generators for safety. A properly installed permanent generator protects your family from deadly CO poisoning.

Generac Generator

  • Automatic generators start automatically when the power goes out. Within seconds. So you don’t need to scramble for a flashlight, rummage for batteries, haul your portable generator outside, run extension cords all over your house, find a (hopefully) full gas can, gas up the generator and power it up – all before your family has the benefit of lights to help you out.
  • Just as they start automatically, they shut off automatically. So just like you didn’t have to do anything when the power went out, you don’t have to do anything once it comes back on. Automatic standby generators supply power directly to your circuit breaker.
  • These generators come on automatically once a week for about 15 minutes, even when your power is still working. This allows oil to lubricate the system, ensuring that when the power does go out, your generator is ready to go – even if it’s been years since the last power outage.
  • Generac has been designing and manufacturing power generators since 1959. They really know what they’re doing. 7 out of 10 homeowners who invest in backup generators use Generac generators.

Capital Heat can determine the proper size generator for your home and needs.  In addition, we offer a few options for transfer switches that will better suit your individual needs and preferences. You can prioritize which circuits get power should the generator kick on – so you can decide that only essentials will receive power (some lights, sump pump, refrigerator, etc), or every circuit in your home will still receive power.

With an automatic standby generator from Capital Heat and Generac, you’ve got the power to control your own power-outage destiny. Doesn’t that sound a whole lot better than crossing your fingers every time a nasty storm rolls through and hoping your power doesn’t go out?

Visit this page of our website to learn more about our backup generator offerings and services and to request an installation estimate. This year, stay ahead of the forehead-slapping moment of regret. Get a generator now, because by the time you need one it’s too late.

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