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Floods Floods Floods Floods

Spring is a double edged sword this year, right? We’ve survived Snowvember 2014. We’ve survived so much more snow after that. We’ve survived the coldest of the coldest. We even survived daylight savings time. Now, finally, take a deep breath (that won’t hurt your lungs, because it’s not the coldest of the cold) and drink in the signs of spring impending.

Oh, what’s that? You breathe deep and smell standing water?

Car crossing deep ford in Shilton Oxford

The flooding. So much flooding. So much water. So much snow still left to melt.

Are you in a flooding danger zone? Even if it’s never happened before, this could be your lucky year.

A while back, we mentioned the idea of checking your sump pump. Hey, let’s all go do that now. Get a gallon of water. Pour it into the sump crock. Your sump pump should kick in and pump it out. That’s literally it’s only job.

What else can we do about flooding?

It’s pretty common to keep your HVAC equipment in the basement so it doesn’t interfere with your everyday life. Is it close to the floor?

Flood water doesn’t just damage old sports equipment and boxes of your children’s school junk. I mean prodigious drawings and spelling tests. It can also do some real damage to your expensive heating and cooling equipment.

Your options to prevent this include moving all your HVAC equipment onto higher ground (like the attic) or to build a floodgate around it. Concrete walls are the best floodgate. In an emergency, sandbags can prevent the worst of the damage.

Prevention is the best solution. But if prevention fails, contact Capital Heat. We’re always available to service your equipment or fit you with a brand spankin’ new system.

Oh, by the way – a geothermal system isn’t nearly as susceptible to flooding as most other heating and cooling systems. Just a thought.


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