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Flat-rate pricing is flat-out wrong. Here’s why.

Do you know why so many HVAC companies offer flat-rate pricing? Because it’s an easy way to quote on the spot while disguising their actual fees. At Capital Heat, we prefer to create as much value for you as possible. That’s why we carefully itemize every product and service so you pay for what you get—nothing more, nothing less.

Here are some fast facts you should know about the flat-rate pricing scam and the alternatives we provide so you get the most value from every single service.

    1. Many HVAC companies purchase flat-fee price guidebooks. Those HVAC price books are available on websites like this one.
    1. Pulling prices from this book is a procedure that allows HVAC companies to save time so they can service more customers. The idea is to get the job done and run to the next one—not to provide the most thoughtful, personalized service.
    1. The price books typically list the average cost of parts—which means that you might be paying for a more expensive part that your situation doesn’t warrant.
    1. Some HVAC companies also claim that flat-rate pricing saves you from paying high hourly fees. That sounds nice, but it’s actually a manufactured idea to make you think you’re getting a good deal–because they don’t list their hourly fees in the first place.
    1. To be clear, we price out specific material and labor costs because it saves you from wasting money on products or services you’re not actually getting.
    1. Why do we do this? Our added attention to detail and transparent pricing process ensures that you receive the highest-quality service—and that’s what matters most.
    1. Other HVAC companies conduct as many visits as possible to rack up service fees and flat-price upcharges. We refuse to do that.
    1. Instead, we’re committed to no more than five house calls per day. Fewer calls. More focused technicians. Better service. Happier customers.
    1. At Capital Heat, we’ve built our business on providing outward-facing truths. Why? Because we care more about lifelong relationships, happier homes, and better businesses than we do about lining our pockets.
    1. For the most accurate, line-itemed quote and the most reliable service for your HVAC systems, call Capital Heat today!

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