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Ending the “Trust Crisis”: When We Say Honest, We Mean It

In most service industries, there’s nothing more important than a customer’s trust. Though a lot of contractors claim to know this, we know that not all of them take it to heart. They believe trust is a given, but at Capital Heat, we know it’s something that’s earned with evidence and excellence.
Transparency and honesty are the most important values in the Capital Heat core business model. Every interaction, sale, maintenance check or emergency service call is predicated on the understanding that your trust in us is a privilege, not a right. It’s something we never want to compromise or take for granted. And it’s also why we don’t work on commission.

Ending the “Trust Crisis”

Today, too many industries operate on a commission-based mindset and it’s caused people who are supposed to be experts to lose the trust of their customers. Even those in the medical field with some of the most well-regarded professions have fallen victim to this type of thinking. You know this if you’ve ever gone to a doctor with a serious concern only to be met with a cursory conversation and an inadequate assessment of your symptoms before receiving a prescription for the most expensive solution. We’ve learned that we can’t always trust the information we’re given when it’s influenced by the amount of money so-called “experts” earn for giving it.

At Capital Heat, we’re on a mission to end this trust crisis, and it all goes back to our commitment to honesty and transparency. Our decision not to work on commission helps us uphold these ideals and makes us better partners in all of your HVAC needs. It allows us to put the customer first, always. We know this isn’t the most popular way to do business, but we firmly believe it’s the best way.

Experts vs. Salespeople

Contractors working on commission think differently—the bigger the sale, the bigger their payout. That means they have their bottom line, not necessarily your best interest, in mind. Consider the type of behavior this mindset perpetuates. It certainly doesn’t encourage contractors to be truthful or straightforward. Instead, it encourages them to rely on predatory sales tactics, upselling or straight-up scams in order to make an extra buck.

Let’s take a look at the differences in behavior you can expect from salespeople versus experts:

  • A salesperson will perform one (often cursory) test without much detail as to what they’re doing and why they’re do it.
  • An expert will perform multiple tests to correctly and comprehensively diagnose an issue, carefully explaining each test and its results.
  • A salesperson will take advantage of your situation, especially in the case of emergency repairs, to scare you into the most expensive option.
  • An expert will consider your budget and your unique situation and then present solutions that work for you.
  • A salesperson thinks only about maximizing his profits right now.
  • An expert thinks ahead and considers long-term solutions to help you get the most out of your system for as long as possible.
  • A salesperson avoids questions and dodges your concerns, often by sticking to one line and repeating themselves without providing much clarifying detail. For them, time is money—the quality of interactions isn’t as important as the amount of transactions that pad their bottom line.
  • An expert is happy to answer your questions and address your concerns. They are willing to put in the time required to earn your trust and reach a solution that you’re comfortable with.
  • A salesperson leaves you feeling confused, uncertain and drained—emotionally and sometimes financially.
  • An expert makes you feel comfortable, well-informed and confident that you’ve make the best possible decision.

If you’re looking for honest, non-commission-based contractors or you need a second opinion on flawed information from the other guys, contact Capital Heat. As experts, we hold ourselves to a higher standard because nothing is more important than your trust.

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