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UV Light Can’t Kill the Novel Coronavirus—But Bi-Polar Ionization Can

As we all grapple with the uncertainty of the global pandemic caused by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID19), our primary concern is keeping our homes and our families safe and healthy. We know that practicing social distancing and frequent hand washing are two very effective ways to help slow the spread of the virus and flatten of the curve of those who require medical attention. Beyond that, however, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about how best to go about protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

One of the most common myths about COVID19 that we’ve seen circulated by other contractors is the ability of UV light to kill the virus and disinfect the spaces we inhabit. Though this sort of claim sounds promising, it isn’t entirely factual and only adds to the level of uncertainty many of us are currently experiencing.

The truth is, UV light only kills air-born contaminants, not those that are surface-based. Therefore, it has not proven totally effective in combatting COVID19. Only purification systems that use the power of bi-polar ionization are able to sanitize both airborne and surface-based contaminants.

Myth: UV Light Effectively Combats COVID19

The current coronavirus can be spread two ways—directly through contact with an infected person and indirectly through contact with a contaminated surface. Though the virus can travel through the air and spread via cough or sneeze, it is not airborne. This is why other contractors are incorrect when they tout the efficacy of air filtration systems and UV light as a surface cleaner in your ductwork—because the virus isn’t airborne, it’s unlikely to get all the way into your ducts in the first place.

Plus, the UV light that kills the coronavirus is very dangerous to humans and should never come in contact with your skin. Furthermore, all forms of UV are light waves. If the wave doesn’t fall directly on or under the surface you’re attempting to decontaminate, it won’t sanitize that area. UV light needs direct exposure and a sufficient amount of time to kill contaminants. It’s effective in preventing the growth of bacteria or mold on the exposed surface of coils, but not downstream in the spaces in your home. Even if there is UV light in the ducts/coils of your system, it will only have a shot at killing what it’s directly exposed to. It won’t have any effect on pathogens in an open, communal space. While UV lights certainly have their place, they’re not a particularly effective tool against the novel coronavirus.

AtmosAir and the Power of Bi-Polar Ionization

AtmosAir, on the other hand, is a totally different technology that serves a different purpose than UV light. It harnesses the power of bi-polar ionization to sterilize spaces (not just contaminants on coils), making it the only air purification system that continuously decontaminates both the air you breath and the surfaces you touch. Bi-polar ionization works by destroying the surface of the virus, effectively preventing it from harming healthy cells in the body, even if ingested. The continuous application of bi-polar ions emitted to the ambient air by the AtmosAir system continuously disinfects breathing spaces and surfaces, helping to prevent both the direct and indirect spread of the illness.

AtmosAir has been scientifically proven, in multiple studies, to show a significant reduction on bacteria and viruses in both laboratory and situational testing. In fact, testing shows significant efficacy with 98%+ reduction capability on both directly and indirectly transmitted microorganisms in the air and on surfaces.

Not only can AtmosAir help slow the rate of infection, it can help keep you and your family healthy and restore a sense of protection in these uncertain times.

As a local business, we want to do everything we can to keep our community safe. If you want to learn more about AtmosAir or are interested in installing a system of your own, do not hesitate to contact Capital Heat to get the facts and some peace of mind.

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