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Your furnace is like your car. And your teeth.

Let’s name things that should get checked at least once a year. Your car. Your animals. Your health. Your teeth. Your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Your taxes. Your tolerance for sugar. Your chimney. Your eyes. Your credit score/report. Your hoarding habits. Your furnace.

Yes, like many other things in life, annual furnace checkups are important for your safety. And your comfort. And your wallet.

If you’re an avid follower, you may remember that way back in December we told you that summer is the best time to get your furnace checked. Why? So that if there’s a problem, you’ve got loads of time to fix it. So that when the first cold day rolls around and you try to turn it on, it turns on. And your family doesn’t have to reenact Little House On The Prairie. Remember how they would slaughter pigs and play catch with the bladder? long_winter_002-001

The moral of the story (this story. Not Laura Ingalls Wilder’s) is that you should get your furnace/boiler checked once a year. And you should do it before you need it. Like right now! Beautiful, glorious, sunny summer in Buffalo lasts but a few short months and your furnace gets only a short break.

“But Capital Heat! Getting my furnace checked costs money and I’ve never had any problems with it!”

Here are some reasons to get your furnace checked annually and stop whining about it:

1) The annual cost of tune-up is NOTHING compared to the cost of a blown heater in the dead of Buffalo winter. Both the financial cost of an elaborate fix or a new furnace combined with emergency service to get it fixed, and the emotional and physical costs of a freezing house in the dead of Buffalo winter.

2) Your safety is important. Really important. A carbon monoxide leak can be silently fatal. Is that really a chance worth taking?

3) An estimated 75% of no-heat calls in winter could have been prevented with proper maintenance. In other words, you cut your chances of a heat malfunction by 75% if you have it serviced once a year.

4) You spend some money on a furnace tune-up, but you also save some money on energy bills. A well-serviced furnace/boiler is an efficient furnace/boiler. And vice versa.

5) Your furnace/boiler will last longer if you keep it well maintained. Furnaces can depreciate pretty quickly anyway, why help them along by ignoring them? “Eh, my teeth are going to fall out someday anyway. Who cares about cavities?”

So call Capital Heat and let us help save you money, health and comfort by giving your furnace or boiler a good once-over and tune-up. Or, if this whole “depreciating assets” thing is a little hard for you to swallow, now is also an excellent time to consider making a switch to geothermal heating and cooling.

Life can be uncomfortable. With Capital Heat, your home doesn’t have to be.


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