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Are you ready for summer?

This weather is fickle, but summer will be here before you know it. Just keep telling yourself that. That’s the way Buffalo works.

If you head into summer without adequate air conditioning in your house, your life might start to get weird. Really weird.

You may find that you become a favorite of every child in town when you spend most of your weekly income hitting lemonade stands. “I can stop anytime I want!” No, you can’t. It’s too hot.


You might find that family down the street that you think might be in a cult suddenly appealing. Because they have an in-ground pool. What’s a little super awkward tension between neighbors when there’s a pool involved? Just NEVER GO THERE WITHOUT ME, kids.

Or maybe you find that you can’t leave the house without loading up on ice. Ice headband. Ice belt. Ice in your underwear. Ice packs sewn into the back of your shirt. No one will know if you’re sweaty or just wet. Actually, everyone will just assume you’re really sweaty. But at least you won’t get invited to barbecues without pools.

When it gets really hot, you might start “accidentally” knocking over your trash cans so you can chase the garbage around. Right through your neighbors sprinklers. Littering is bad. And you’re such a super environmentalist that you’re even willing to get soaked to prevent it from trashing up the neighborhood.

There are a lot of strange things you can do to stay cool in the summer. Or you can just call Capital Heat to figure out how to keep your house more comfortable when the temperature rises.

Capital Heat offers a full range of air conditioning products and services. Whether you need a unit that hooks into your central duct system or one that suits a ductless home, we’re here to help evaluate your needs and find the unit that’s right for you. Visit our AC page to learn more about our services and products.

Summer life can be uncomfortable. With Capital Heat, your home doesn’t have to be. Contact us today.


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