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Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a great day. For most Americans, it means picnics, barbecues, friends and family. Maybe pool time or lawn games, and your favorite summer beverages. It’s a great way to kick-off the summer. WNY has had great weather for Memorial Day for a long time, which seems unusual, but we certainly aren’t complaining. This year may be the exception, as the weather forecast includes thunderstorms. But it can still be a fun day, even if the weather isn’t great. Covered decks, tents, and a great sense of adventure can all help you overcome bad weather on Memorial Day. And if it gets too extreme, you can go inside your heated or air conditioned homes and relax in comfort.

At Capital Heat, we love Memorial Day. We love waving hello to summer, especially since winter often feels like a never-ending practical joke here in Buffalo. But we like to make sure we celebrate with the meaning behind the holiday always on our minds.


We have a lot of reasons to celebrate in the US. In fact, because of democracy, we can pretty much do whatever we want as long as it’s not harming those around us. A lot of people fought in their efforts to secure future American’s the right to have summer picnics and eat whatever we want and not have to worry about raids or attacks or wildly corrupt government forces ruining our day. The fact that weather is what is most likely to ruin our day is a gift in itself.

Capital Heat hopes that everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and enjoys time with friends and family and eating meals cooked over fire and playing games that involve frisbees and bean bags and grass. It’s a great holiday. We’ll be thinking about our own friends and family who have served or are serving in the military, and about the thousands of others we will never know who helped give us the freedoms we so frequently take for granted.

Happy Memorial Day!