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It’s warm!

Here at Capital Heat, we’re not interested in wasting your time. Or our time. It’s nice out! It’s sunny. It’s warm. It’s breezy. After the brutal winter we all endured, who isn’t thrilled to finally be able to walk outside with a jacket (and boots and hat and scarf and gloves and snow shovel and road salt)? And since it’s finally nice, we want you to be able to spend as much time outside enjoying it as possible. We know one of the biggest problems people in WNY face is what to do when the weather is nice. Because it happens so infrequently. Because we feel such guilt if we don’t take advantage of every minute of it.Cheektowaga  NY 10 Day Weather Forecast

So we came up with some suggestions to help you make the most of these beautiful days. Take ’em or leave ’em. The choice, my friends, is yours.

  1. Instead of texting on your couch, text in your yard. Nature at its finest.
  2. Put up a bird feeder. Get ready for the time of your life.
  3. Go for a bike ride. With or without the kids. Definitely with your helmet. Set a good example, grown ups.
  4. Take a hike.
  5. Walk to the closest ice cream place. Buy ice cream. Eat ice cream. Scream for ice cream.
  6. Vacuum out your car. Practicality is important, too.
  7. Sidewalk chalk is actually pretty fun.
  8. Plant something. Or dig up something.
  9. Open up the windows. Air out the house. Feel the breeze running through your hair and kitchen.
  10. Put unwanted furniture out on the curb. Garbage picking season has begun!

You’re welcome.