Since 1957, Capital Heat Inc. has been the leading HVAC and Geothermal contractor for heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and renewable energy in Buffalo and Western New York. Locally owned and operated, Capital Heat Inc. provides comfort services including furnaces, air conditioners, geothermal heating and cooling systems, duct cleaning, and whole-house stand-by generators.

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March 2015

Spring Cleaning (it’s not too early)

It's almost spring. Promise. Most of the snow is gone. We're left with only the most persistent dirty snowbanks lining roads and sidewalks. Oh, the glory of spring! Spring cleaning is a thing. It means a lot of things. For some, it means donating big bags...

Floods Floods Floods Floods

Spring is a double edged sword this year, right? We've survived Snowvember 2014. We've survived so much more snow after that. We've survived the coldest of the coldest. We even survived daylight savings time. Now, finally, take a deep breath (that won't hurt your lungs,...