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The coldest cold yet

It’s coming. The coldest cold yet. Sunday, February 15, 2015 in Buffalo, NY is supposed to hit negative degrees. That’s really cold. It’s cold enough that our temperature scale wasn’t even really designed for it, because negative degrees shouldn’t have to be a thing that happens. Buffalo (and Canada) should consider using the Kelvin scale. It will be 255 degrees Kelvin on Sunday. That sounds balmy.

The coldest cold yet. What in the world do we do?

1) Hope you’re not relying on a wood stove for heat.

2) Make sure you launder your wool socks,wool sweaters, and long underwear in anticipation. Anticipation Laundry. It’s the new craze.

3) Someone, or everyone, in your house should know how to shut off your utility valves, particularly the main water valve. Especially if you use a boiler. Frozen pipes are not a myth. If your pipes freeze and/or burst, knowing how to shut off the main water valve quickly could save you some serious damage.

4) Stock up on inside games. When was the last time you stopped playing dumb and just crushed your kids at Candy Land? Maybe you need to work on your chess game. Maybe your husband or wife deserves to be destroyed in a high-stakes game of Monopoly. Oh, remember that 2000 piece puzzle of the sky you got in a White Elephant gift exchange last year? Dig it out. Obnoxious Little Brother

5) Do your grocery shopping now. Running out of toilet paper or bread when it’s zero degrees out is the stuff of adult nightmares.

6) Check your heating system. Your heat going out when it’s zero degrees out? That can kill you. Or make you wish it would. Call us for help!

7) It’s a great time to try out some new slow-cooker recipes. Old standards like chili, stew or pot roast. New trends like bread pudding or cheesecake.The mind boggles at the possibilities.


8) Gas up your car. In the event you have to go somewhere in the coldest of the cold, you’re not going to want to stop for gas. Your hands will be cold. Your face will be cold. You’ll hate yourself. You might lose a finger. And yet the alternative could be running out of gas and waiting for roadside assistance in the coldest of the cold. A good rule to remember is that in the winter, you should never let your gas tank go below 1/4 tank.

02J32489The cold is coming. If you think it’s been cold so far this winter, you’re about to eat your words.


Stay warm out there, friends. And call our 24/7 Emergency Service line if you need us: 716.683.7339 ext. 9