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Snovember and Murphy’s Law

That was a storm! Snovember did some damage. A lot of damage. That stinks. But here’s something important: major weather situations let you know exactly how prepared you are for future major weather situations. Who would have guessed!

We heard a lot of stories about (lack of) weather preparedness. Whether it was total inability to clear the snow, desperately hoping the sump-pump didn’t kick the bucket in the after-flooding, realizing that the furnace wasn’t really keeping the house warm, or discovering that you ran out of toothpaste two days in, many people found themselves woefully unprepared. And what about the poor folks who found themselves stranded in their cars with an empty gas tank?

Friends, we live in a cold climate. Lake effect snow is a reality we are faced with for half of every year. Please, do whatever you can to be prepared. Because Murphy’s Law tells us that when it rains, it pours. To put it into Buffalo terms – when it snows, it snows really, really hard until you can no longer leave your house and also think the world might be ending.

Now, running out of toothpaste or toilet paper is unlikely to be life threatening. Unfortunate for your housemates? Yup. But heating issues can really knock you out quick. Here at Capital Heat, we always stress the importance of regular maintenance. You know why? Because in the middle of a raging, debilitating snowstorm, if your furnace malfunctions and you can’t get out of your house, we may not be able to get to your house either. Those pesky laws of physics are the real deal.

When your equipment is asked to work harder than ever, it’s more likely to malfunction. That’s Murphy’s Law. But it’s a lot less likely to malfunction if it’s been properly checked and maintained.

So how prepared was your house for Snovember? Have you done your due diligence to make sure you maximize your chances of having minimal damage and side effects? Perhaps you got lucky this time, but this will not be the last storm we’ll see. It probably won’t be the last one we see this winter. So now’s your chance!

Call us to help evaluate your weather preparedness. We offer 24-hour emergency services, so in all but the most severe of weather emergencies, we’re available to help. Whether it’s maximizing the efficiency of your heating system, repairing equipment or getting some tips on how to prevent heating disasters, Capital Heat is there for you.