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Service and installation was extremely timely. My heat exchanger was cracked and they had to shut the unit down. I decided to ask about a new furnace rather than pay to fix the old one. Within an hour, Rick was at my house discussing options, pricing, tax credits, rebates, etc. That was the Thursday or Friday prior to Xmas. The unit was installed the following Monday morning (Xmas Eve). Electric heaters were provided as temperatures were at or near freezing. I am very pleased with the new set back thermostat as it “anticipates” and has a memory so it knows when to turn on so the house is warm when I want it to be warm. The furnace fan is SUPER quiet, which was an issue for me. I barely know it is on, and only that the air is moving a piece of paper. The house feels warmer than the old unit, meaning less of a temperature swing.

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