Planned Maintenance

We offer planned service contracts that provide service and maintenance for any of our products or systems, including:

  • Furnace (including humidifier)
  • Air conditioner
  • Geothermal System
  • Boiler
  • Hot Water Tank
  • Heat pump
  • Generator
  • Dryer vent

There are many benefits associated with our planned maintenance contracts:

  • Peace of mind – automatic periodic maintenance and inspection of your system keeps it running at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble.
  • Qualified technician at your service – our team of qualified technicians have been trained to maintain your equipment and prevent problems before they occur.
  • Preferred treatment – The planned maintenance contract increases reliability, but should you need emergency service the planned maintenance agreement entitles you to preferential treatment.
  • Lower utility costs – a service maintenance program can save you a significant amount on your monthly utility bills as well as increase the lifetime of your HVAC units.
  • Service you can trust – our skilled technicians know the business and your equipment. You can rely on them to give you fast, dependable and fair service.
  • Parts discount – 10% discount on parts, filters and materials.

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